Macaloney Distillers has identified a number of integrated, converging factors, taken from a 3 year study of global best practices which it sees as providing it with a competitive advantage over its competitors. These include:

Accelerated maturation technologies: A key process innovation is the rapid maturation of MBD’s whisky.

Premium award-wining branded guest whisky: While our distillery is under construction and whisky stock maturing, MBD will develop international sales of finished, blended and MBD-branded guest whiskies to establish international branding, a quality reputation, and distribution networks.

Cask sales for brand development and customer retention: MBD will sell innovative, affordable casks of whisky (cask futures), which represent an early working capital source and also build customer loyalty.

Experienced management, strategic advisors and consultants: The founder of the US Venture Capital industry concluded after years of investing that he would always invest in an ‘A-class’ management team even with a ‘B-class plan’, before he would ever invest in an ‘A-class’ plan with ‘B-class’ team. MBD has combined global best practices with a blue-ribbon, management team as discussed on the Management page.