Malt whisky is the most valuable premium spirit in Western countries, and now the BRIC countries are pushing demand to the point where stocks are running out and prices are escalating (e.g. as much as $200-300 / bottle for a 3-5 year old whisky). Sales are rapidly growing: Scotch whisky exports increased from $3.2 billion in 1999 to $8 billion by 2013. Irish liquors (predominantly Irish whisky) now command a value of $1.6 billion p.a. (2010) - up 60% over 3 years.

In addition to the important US and local Canadian markets, major markets for single malt whiskies (France, the UK, Taiwan, and Germany) will be developed followed by the BRIC countries. The aim will be to distribute to 30+ countries within a few years.

A key to building demand, where demographics of drinkers encompass a loyal consumer base, well heeled and diversified in age, and who often base their purchases on recommendations from retailers or through their own discovery and research, will be to influence them directly, as well as their retailers, via prominent whisky writers and attractive, informative packaging.

Branding and promoting a premium packaged, excellent quality product to stand out on global retail shelves, is key to success. Our sales ambassadors will conduct international tastings at festivals and liquor stores, and ensure good product placement in stores.