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Twa Dogs Beer

Twa Dogs beers are brewed in Saanich without pretense or filtration, using only the finest ingredients. Like the Robert Burns poetry that inspired many of them, our beers are crafted with finesse while unafraid to embrace bold and distinct flavours. Delve into our beers here.

Our Beers

Macaloney's Island Whisky

Traditionally made

Our award winning single malt whiskies combine the finest Canadian barley together with the traditional craft of Scotland’s finest whisky makers, distilled to perfection in our hand-hammered Forsyth’s copper pot stills.

Our Whisky

Cask Program

Own a wee piece of the magic by designing your own whisky! Choose between your favorite whisky spirit and wood types, taste the evolution of your spirit as it matures, and finally bring home your finished whisky in custom labelled bottles.

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Our Story

As a wee lad in Scotland, our founder Graeme Macaloney had a summer job in a local whisky factory, There he was encouraged to train in fermentation, becoming a ‘doctor of fermentation engineering’. Upon arriving in Victoria, Graeme was inspired to bring traditional Scottish whisky making together with the best of west-coast craft brewing.

Today, with the support of over 700 other passionate whisky and craft beer enthusiasts from coast to coast (our Founder-Owners group), Graeme and our team are proud to bring you the Macaloney’s Island Distillery & Twa Dogs Brewery!

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Touch, smell and taste your way through our wide selection of craft beers and whiskies as part of our immersive brewery & distillery tours. Discover the ingredients, methods, and passion that go into each and every bottle we produce.


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