Our Story - Macaloney's Island Distillery & Twa Dogs Brewery

There once was a wee Scottish lad by the name of Graeme Macaloney who found a summer job bottling whisky and fell in love with Uisge Beatha, the ‘water of life’. He dedicated his heart to finding a way to make whisky for a living, though circumstance would find a way of sidetracking his dreams.

Coming to Canada

Eventually, the winds of fate would blow the now grown Scotsman to the westernmost shores of Canada. Marveling in awe at the BC craft beer industry he saw an opportunity which he simply could not pass up –  making his own beer and whisky was within his grasp for the very first time.

Graeme Macaloney PhD in Fermentation Engineering
Mike Nicolson Former Diageo Master Distiller
Dr. Jim Swan Whisky Maturation Legend

Whisky Maturation Legend

Knowing he couldn’t create a world-class brewery and distillery on his own, Graeme assembled a skilled team of experts: the legendary Dr Jim Swan, the foremost whisky maturation expert in Scotland, and Master Distiller Mike Nicolson, who had worked in over 18 renowned Scottish whisky distilleries.

Only one problem remained: money! Without proper funding the Scotsman’s dreams would crash and burn before they ever really had a chance to take off. Searching for answers, he turned to the same whisky and craft beer community that originally inspired his efforts. To his astonishment, over 270 independent Canadian individuals came together to support his vision, become Founder-Owner-Investors, and turn their shared dream into a reality.

At the same time Graeme also explained to Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada that our distillery would upgrade a renewable commodity, Canadian barley to a super-premium single malt whisky for export to dozens of countries internationally. As a result they loaned us $2.4 million!

Building, brewing, collaborating

With everything in place, construction finally began on the Macaloney’s Island Distillery and Twa Dogs Brewery. When the first drops of new make spirit trickled out of the Forsyth’s Scottish pot stills, a chorus of joyous shouts was heard throughout the distillery. Needless to say, there was much revelry to be had that night.

Meet the Team

We’ve assembled a world class team of Brewers, Distillers, and Brand Ambassadors. Together, we’re working hard to bring our single malt whiskies to new international markets!

Cheers from all of us!

All of us at the brewery and distillery would like to extend our thanks to the community that allowed us to turn this wild dream into a reality, and for your continued support along the way. We are thrilled to be doing what we’re most passionate about and can’t wait to share our beers, whiskies, tours and events with everyone.