How You Can Help - Macaloney's Island Distillery & Twa Dogs Brewery

Thank you for your desire to learn more about this punitive SWA lawsuit and learn how you can help us to bring our ‘Canadian Best’ single malts around the world.


You can read more about the SWA’s lawsuit in Canada by clicking here. Since then the SWA have threatened our German whisky importer with a lawsuit in order to prevent our award winning whiskies from reaching Germans and other Europeans.


To help, please open the SWA petition letter and copy and paste the content into your email. Then add a subject line to your email, add your name at the bottom, and cut and paste the full list of SWA Member emails into the ‘To’ or ‘Recipients’ box of your email.


Please also help by raising awareness on social media. Use your social media accounts to highlight the unfairness, and demand that the SWA drop their punitive tactics. Let the world know what you think. Please use the hashtags #ScotchWhiskyArrogance and #SWA in your post to help build momentum. Be sure you tag us ( twitter: @VCaledonian / FB & Insta: @mcaledonian ) and the @ScotchWhiskySWA in your post so they can see the strength of opinion. Please use your own words for maximum impact!


Once you click ‘send’ the letter will automatically go to the SWA Council and Members with a copy to us so we can track all of the letters being sent! It is editable to allow you to modify the beginning with a personal introduction explaining your Scotch drinking history.