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Invermallie: Moscatel Cask (Cask Strength Bottling)


What is a Moscatel Cask?
Moscatel is a Spanish or Portuguese sweet white wine made from Muscat grapes. Its similar to Italian Moscato but is vinified using a different technique. The result is a sweet, delicate, and floral desert wine. Each sip brings an explosion of flavour.


We’ve managed to secure some of these elusive casks from Portugal and have been quietly maturing our whisky in them. We released a single cask bottled at 46% ABV last year as part of our inaugural whisky launch and this expression sold out within a few weeks and won Gold at the prestigious World Whiskies Awards in the UK! This release is older and being bottled at 57.9% ABV.


Whiskymaker, Graeme Macaloney, commented:

“The sweet white wine notes from the Moscatel casks make an amazing complement to our house style whisky. Our Moscatel casks are opening up a new direction for our whiskies thanks to the white wine notes and European Quercus robur oak-wood (our other expressions use American Quercus alba oak-wood). It really enhances and uplifts our fruity house-style as noted by Mike Nicolson our semi-retired Scottish Master Distiller. This wood happens to be one of our favourites.”


You’ll find a bouquet of floral notes that intermingle gently in the glass. The palate is smooth, subtly sweet, and delicate with more floral notes, honey and a mixture of spices from the European oak.


ABV: 57.9%

Natural Colour & Non-Chill Filtered

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