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The Irish Rovers – The Unicorn Potstill Whiskey


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This triple distilled single potstill whiskey is made in the traditional style using only the best unmalted and malted barley available. The patient, yet purposeful, triple distillation in traditional copper pot stills produces a complex, layered and balanced new-make spirit, which is then fully matured in a Spanish Oloroso cask.


This single barrel yielded only 199 bottles, making this a very limited edition release, ‘The Unicorn’ of whiskies. Sibling cask of Macaloney’s Island Distillery’s ‘Kildara’ which won ‘World’s Best Pot Still Whisky’ at the 2023 World Whiskies Awards.


Colour: The hue is rich and deep with an immediate need to pour the dram. 

Nose: From the onset, the sweet notes reign. Vanilla, hints of marzipan and cocoa. Then along comes the orange – sweet and burnt. There is some allspice – cinnamon, clove that carry through, with some lightly toasted almonds. It is so pleasant on the nose that is almost relaxes you without it even touching your lips.

Taste: Hello dark molasses – with multi facets of orange still present, dark chocolate (cake), plums, medjool dates, sticky toffee and along comes five spice towards the end with a touch of pepper. All the pieces are working in harmony and continue to develop.

Finish: The sweet notes provide for a long and enjoyable finish. It’s a dram that will cause you to examine your empty glass, refill, and restart the experience all over again with a smile on your face.

Development: This whisky continues to evolve once it’s in your glass and I suggest you will find many other notes that will keep your taste buds dancing.


Bheir deagh dhram an-còmhnaidh gàire  (A good dram always brings a smile)



George Millar of The Irish Rovers: “A rare mythical beast, a song that magically altered our career, and now a rare whiskey indeed. We’ve been singing about whiskey for 60 years now, and thought it’s about time we had one of our own. Our friend Hamish Burgess ‘The Whisky Surfer’ went on a quest to find us a perfect barrel, to become ‘The Unicorn’. Through 8 countries and over 100 whiskey distilleries, the winding path led him back to Victoria, to Macaloney’s Potstill whiskey in the traditional style we love, only to discover that whiskeymaker Graeme Macaloney’s ancestors were from my auld home town of Ballymena. It was meant to be.”


Hamish Burgess, The Whisky Surfer: “The search for a perfect barrel to become The Irish Rovers Whiskey took over 3 years, somewhat hindered by the pandemic. I finally narrowed it down to a few contenders, and presented my findings to band leader George Millar, and we decided on a fabulous rich dark Triple-distilled Potstill Whiskey from a single barrel. Tasted alongside 7 very respectable and well-known Irish whiskies, one of them being a 15 year old, I personally thought it was better than all of them. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Sláinte!”
Celtic art & label design by Hamish Burgess – –  on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter as The Whisky Surfer.


ABV: 46%

750ml bottle

Natural Colour & Non-Chill Filtered

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