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Kirkinriola: Moscatel Cask


This island whisky is from our triple distilled single potstill range – triple distilled using only the best unmalted and malted barley available. The patient, yet purposeful, triple distillation produces a complex, layered and balanced new-make spirit. Dr. Swan described our original new-make which trickles off our copper pot stills as “the best that I have tasted in any distillery at this stage, super fruity.” This triple-distillate is even smoother and fruitier!


This single cask series, Kirkinriola (pronounced ‘kirk-in-riola’), is our connoisseurs / collector’s single-cask edition. Like the passionate, spirited Ulster-Scots, it is an ever-changing series of triple-distilled potstill expressions based on unique one-off single casks, or other special selections. With individually numbered bottles, it is sought after by those who appreciate fine whisky.


This triple distilled single potstill, island, whisky was fully matured in a single moscatel sweet white wine barrique made with European oak. The nose is resplendent of Muscat grape, sweet white wine and a well-developed European oak presence including vanilla, honey, and marzipan, walnut and nutmeg. Barley, oatmeal and malted milk yield to abundant tropical fruits including dried apricot, ripe peaches and sultanas.


The creamy mouthfeel leads to full bodied moscatel and oak, vanilla beans, dried ginger, ripe cherries, pear, lychees, dried coconut and lemon zest. The juicy barley and malt suggest digestive biscuits layered with treacle, followed by linseed, comfortable leather furniture, walnut, almonds and pecans, with a hint of salt and dry oaken finish. Enjoy!


ABV: 46%

750ml bottle

Natural Colour & Non-Chill Filtered

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